Mitsubishi plans Dutch vehicle to grid pilot

By Graeme Roberts | 19 October 2017

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced the implementation of a vehicle to grid (V2G) pilot in the Netherlands with the first charge point already being used with Outlander PHEV vehicle storage batteries.

Using V2G technology, peak demand on the electricity grid can be better balanced by allowing electric vehicles to not just take power from the grid but also return it to the network and expect to introduce a new potential earnings model for electric drivers.

MMC has joined with NewMotion, one of Europe's largest providers of smart charging solutions for electric driving, grid operator TenneT in Netherlands, and Nuvve, a worldwide leader in V2G technology and grid service deployments.
In this demonstration, MMC will provide services for capacity reserve and balancing by using the charging infrastructure of NewMotion and Outlander PHEVs parked at home or in the city of Amsterdam linked to Nuvve's Grid Integrated Vehicle platform (GIVe). There are more than 25,000 Outlander PHEVs in the Netherlands.
In Europe, the Paris Agreement adopted in 2015 has resulted in the acceleration of initiatives to facilitate a low carbon society, including the aggressive promotion of environment friendly policies aimed at achieving renewable targets. As solar, wind and other renewable sources, which are intermittent, replace fossil fuels as a source of energy and enter mainstream power grids, stabilising the power supply also poses a challenge.
Both UK and French governments have plans to prohibit the sale of fossil fuel vehicles from 2040, and the flow of electricity is accelerating. Hence, a new mechanism to reduce the burden on charging electricity infrastructure is required.
MMC said it would "will verify the technology of V2G through this demonstration and aim to create new value and business opportunities using electric cars/vehicle storage batteries.