GENIVI alliance introduces vehicle domain interaction strategy

By Graeme Roberts | 10 October 2017

The GENIVI Alliance, an open, collaborative software development community of automakers and suppliers, is introducing a vehicle domain interaction strategy focused on developing open standard interfaces and code that will define the necessary paths bridging multiple car software domains.

Announced during its all member meeting in Seoul, the new strategy is primarily based on a key market trend of system on a chip (SOC) consolidation that has created the need to bridge the auto software domains (safety, infotainment and consumer electronic). Cross domain bridging is essential to ensure information or data generated in one domain is displayed and managed in another.

"While vehicle domain interaction is a well-known challenge, GENIVI has a unique opportunity to play an integral role in defining the necessary cross-domain paths," said Peter Schönenberg, president of the alliance. "With our strong history of architecture and expertise on interface development and integration of software from different sources, the community, in collaboration with related organisations, will develop open standard interfaces and code that result in the required domain interactions."

The primary result of this strategy will be a set of standard solutions and interfaces (APIs) facilitating the necessary cross domain interaction. Where possible, proofs of concept code will also be delivered in the open, keeping with the process of producing code for all defined interfaces. Members, and the automotive industry as a whole, will benefit by consistently using the defined interfaces and solutions for cross domain functionality, data management and other needs. This will result in more efficient development, improved testing and quality, and ultimately more choice for buyers of the solutions by using a consistent standard.

Additionally, programs will continue to balance current IVI and connected vehicle work with newly launched activities to produce the technologies to effectively bridge the domains.

"GENIVI is not abandoning its mission of delivering open, IVI and connected vehicle software based on contributions and funding from its members," said Steve Crumb, executive director of the alliance. "We will continue to drive open collaboration with members, non members and other essential organisations such as AUTOSAR, Google/Android, SOC and hypervisor vendors to deliver use cases, interface definitions, models, code, documentation and adopter education that makes vehicle domain interaction a reality."