Mexico earthquake prompts plant status reviews

By Dave Leggett | 21 September 2017

Carmakers with plants in Mexico are assessing them for earthquake related disruptions this week, but the initial impact on operations caused by the earthquake that struck the Mexico City area appears to be limited, with plants experiencing only minor or no damage.

Reports say that automakers were surveying plants in central Mexico and that VW Group in Puebla halted production briefly to inspect buildings and allow workers to check on family.

Nissan said there were no deaths or injuries at its Mexico City headquarters or its assembly plant nearby in Cuernavaca.

Workers were sent home from those operations on Tuesday, Nissan said in a statement. "We will assess those facilities for damage before determining when they can return to safe operation. We expect to have more to share in the coming days," it said.

VW's plant in Puebla halted production after the quake so that the plant could be inspected, but only minor damage was found, the company said. Production resumed sonn after.

Audi's crossover plant down the highway in San Jose Chiapa, Puebla, sustained no damage, reports said.

Ford said that there was no damage or lost production at its factory in Cuautitlan, just outside Mexico City.