Nissan targets aftermaket growth with 'hyper-personalisation'

By Staff reporter | 1 December 2016

Nissan Motor is preparing to launch a big aftermarket offensive in Japan by offering its customers a wide range of personalisation options to help drive up revenues.

The carmaker's head of aftersales operations, Kent O'Hara, told local reporters the company plans to offer new customers and existing owners a wide range of equipment options such as internet devices and online access, safety features and equipment and a broad choice of interior trim designs as part of its new "hyper-personalisation" programme.

The company said advances in 3-D printing opens the door to allow it to offer a wide range of new personalised interior trim designs for cars, such as Pokemon images for children and personalised colour schemes for seats.

O'Hara said the company's new strategy to offer personalisation, connectivity and additional equipment is expected to account for 25% of its aftermarket business by 2022, up from negligible levels at present. Internet connectivity in cars, in particular, is expected to increase sharply in coming years.

The company plans to be early mover in taking advantage of recent technology developments and its dealers will be at the forefront of driving this strategy which will also be rolled out to other markets.