GM and Ford Brazil investigate car sharing

By Fernando Calmon | 15 November 2016

Ford and GM are trialling car share with employees in Brazil

Ford and GM are trialling car share with employees in Brazil

The Brazilian car consumer is a little interested but has not yet got deep enough into car sharing. One of the reasons is the low 'motorisation' index  -  just 200 vehicles for each 1,000 inhabitants. The dream of car owning for the first time is pursued by many.

However, anyone already owning one of the 43m vehicles on the road (motorcycles excluded) is a potential car sharing customer. So GM, followed soon by Ford, quietly announced their car sharing plans.

GM has launched Maven, beginning as a pilot programme for employees at the São Caetano do Sul head office and manufacturing plant, in Greater São Paulo. To begin with, the chosen vehicle is the Chevrolet Cruze LTZ fitted with the OnStar telematic system. As availability is extended to the full line-up, interest is expected to grow.

The platform is part of the group's global move towards developing urban and sustainable mobility options worldwide. In Germany there is already the Flinc ride programme, as well as Opel's CarUnity and Chevrolet's Let's Drive NYC in the US.

Ford Brazil gives plant employees at the São Bernardo do Campo industrial site headquarters, also in Greater São Paulo, the opportunity to take home a Focus sedan model on weekends and holidays.

A third party application for smartphones, HR Mobile, is used for the rental bookings.

The pilot project is due to last for six months to test customer reactions to the mobility service proposals and identify necessary technical solutions.

Among programmes of the kind are the Ford Carsharing with 176 outlets in Germany, the London GoDrive, and Belgium's CarAmigo, the first car share service aimed at the regular public.

According to estimates by international consultancies, in 2016 alone car sharing segment revenues will be about $2bn worldwide.