GAZ/SemAZ sign deal for assembly of CVs in Kazakhstan

By Dave Leggett | 7 October 2016

GAZ Group has signed with the Kazakhstan enterprise SemAZ several memoranda on industrial assembly of commercial vehicles in the republic of Kazakhstan. Delivery of vehicle KD's to Kazakhstan for serial production of GAZelle Next, GAZon Next and GAZelle Business, heavy duty Ural Next, buses of small, medium and large class will start in 2017.

This decision was affirmed by the signing of several memoranda in the field of development of national assembly production in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the documents were signed between Russian manufacturers, comprising GAZ Group of Russian machines (commercial vehicles GAZ Group, Russian buses-GAZ Group, Ural automobile plant OJSC) and Kazakhstan SemAZ (part of Virazh Group, a manufacturer of agricultural vehicles and trucks) in the framework of the XIII-th inter-regional Forum of cooperation of Kazakhstan and Russia.

Test deliveries of vehicle sets began in September this year with the frame GAZelle Next buses, drop side trucks GAZelle Business and Likino bus plant products. Starting in the next year, based on customer requirements, SemAZ will serially produce vehicles based on the entire model range of GAZelle Next, GAZon Next and GAZelle Business, Ural Next heavy duty trucks, buses of all classes (PAZ, LIAZ, KAVZ and GAZ), including the vehicles working on compressed natural gas.

This project is a continuation of the cooperation between GAZ Group and SemAZ, initiated in 2013. At that time in Kazakhstan the production of Ural-4320 was launched. Production of this model at the facilities of SemAZ will continue in parallel with the production of Ural Next, which will begin in 2017.

Vadim Sorokin, GAZ Group president said:"GAZ Group products have traditionally been well represented in the CIS countries and Kazakhstan is one of the priority markets for us in the former Soviet Union. Today the share of GAZ in the market of Kazakhstan is 65%. Organisation of assemblies will increase our presence in Kazakhstan, as well as extend the model range which is offered to clients in this country, through the production of new models of the Next family."