Audi to build electric Q5 in Mexico

By Graeme Roberts | 17 June 2016

VW group luxury car unit Audi plans to build an electric version of its Q5 SUV at its new plant in Mexico, a media report said.

Audi plans to open a US$1.3bn factory in Mexico on 30 September. It will be the brand's first plant in the NAFTA country eventually will be the sole source of Q5s.

The plant in San Jose Chiapa in central Mexico will produce the petrol Q5 first then add the EV in the near term, anonymous sources told Reuters.

"They are training personnel," a source said, adding the project does not yet have a launch date.

The Q5 is already an Audi best-seller.

Initial Mexican volume is 150,000 cars a year, Reuters' sources said.