BYD claims global EV leadership

By Graeme Roberts | 2 December 2015

By sweeping in plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), China's BYD claims to be the world's top seller of 'EVs' to the end of October, and for six consecutive months.

The automaker, known for batttery electric buses, said it sold 6,099 EVs in October and 43,069 year to date, ahead of Nissan (3,115/42,012) and Mitsubishi (4,144/36,623).

BYD rounds out its year to date tallies with Tesla (36,312), VW (27,755), BMW (25,470), Renault (20,136), Kendi (17,201), Ford (17,117) and Zotye (15,384).

BYD has recently launched two PHEVs, a sedan and SUV and has two more SUVs in the pipeline.