US: UAW claims "gains" in GM Tentative Agreement proposal

By Simon Warburton | 26 October 2015

UAW's General Motors bargaining committee says it has secured what it refers to as “significant gains and job security protections” in a proposed Tentative Agreement with the automaker.

The bargaining committee unanimously voted to send the proposed Tentative Agreement to local union leaders who make up the union’s UAW National GM Council. The Council will meet in Detroit on Wednesday (28 October) to discuss and vote on the deal.

“We believe this agreement will present stable long-term significant wage gains and job security commitments to UAW members now and in the future,” said UAW president Dennis Williams.

“We look forward to presenting the details of these gains to local union leaders and the membership.”

For her part, UAW vice president, Cindy Estrada called the agreement transformative. “The significant gains in this agreement are structured in a way that will provide certainty to our members and create a clear path for all GM employees now and in the future,” she said.

“The agreement not only rewards UAW-GM members for their accomplishments, but it protects them with significant job security commitments.”

Until the UAW National GM Council votes to approve the deal, it is classified as a Proposed Tentative Agreement. The contract language becomes a Tentative Agreement once the Council votes and it has requested details be held until it reviews and votes on the proposal.

Following Council approval, the UAW says it will release details of the Tentative Agreement to its membership and the ratification process will start. A vote of the UAW-GM membership will decide whether or not the deal is finalised.

The union plans to make the details available immediately after the UAW National GM Council votes on the tentative agreement on Wednesday.