FRANCE: Renault-Nissan Alliance RCI Banque boosts profits

By Graeme Roberts | 30 July 2015

RCI Banque, which finances Renault-Nissan Alliance operations and dealerships, booked 2015 first half earnings before tax up 17.5% year on year to EUR422m.

Average outstanding performing loans increased 11.1% and were worth EUR27.6bn.

New loans rose 29.2% to EUR7.7bn, with 686,872 vehicles financed, and the proportion financing Alliance automaker deliveries reached 36.5%, a 3.1 point increase.

RCI Banque took advantage of competitive rates in the capital markets to raise EUR4.6bn during the first half, an amount equal to funds raised in all of 2014.

Net banking income rose 6.6% to EUR674m.

"Operations delivered a high-level profitability, contributing to the success of the Renault-Nissan Alliance," said bank chairman Dominique Thormann. 

The bank noted Alliance brands sales growth in Europe was offset by a decrease in main emerging markets during the first half.

Services business, a major component of the group’s strategic plan, developed further with 1.36m service contracts booked, an increase of 32.2% year on year. 

"In line with its strategic plan, RCI Banque is expanding internationally to support the sales development of the Alliance brands. Growth in sales of services is a priority for all the entities of the group. This activity contributes to customers' satisfaction, enhances their loyalty to the Alliance's brands and increases RCI Banque's profits, while diversifying its revenue sources, the bank said in a statement.