AUSTRALIA: Ford launches 'pre-order' website for Mustang

By Graeme Roberts | 15 December 2014

Ford has launched a special 'pre-order' website for its Australian dealers to place orders for the new Mustang, which is scheduled to be launched in late 2015.

The Motor Report said the website is the company's response to over 15,000 'expressions of interest' lodged since news of the model's launch - with right hand drive - first surfaced earlier in 2014.

The site has already received 1,200 orders, with 50% putting down a deposit.

Ford Australia CEO Bob Graziano said: "The Mustang is drawing people to Ford well in advance of its arrival, and we've reacted quickly to find a way to communicate with these new potential owners. With more and more customers coming forward each week, this new pre-ordering system will allow us to plan and cater to their specific requests from the outset."