SWEDEN: Orio looks to fresh start from Saab Automobile Parts

By Simon Warburton | 22 November 2013

Saab Automobile Part's change of name to Orio is driven to an extent by a wish to leave an image of the past behind, says the component supplier.

The new Orio - along with its ten subsidiaries in Europe and the US - took on the new name last week with the aim of supplying parts to more car brands as well as offer logistics services - but it also appears the company wants a fresh start from the past.

"The reason for changing the name from Saab Automobile Parts to Orio was just we would like to leave the Saab Automobile name behind," Orio CEO, Lennart Stahl, told just-auto from Sweden. "From the bankruptcy, there is no Saab Automobile and we wanted to create a new name for the future.

"We just wanted to not be tied...to Saab Automobile because it could be different - to sell logistics services to other car importers in Sweden."

Stahl added National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) had not decided whether or not to pursue its interest in Orio, although the new Saab owners told just-auto on a visit last month to the Trollhattan factory in Sweden, a bid had not been ruled out.

"We have a kind of supplier customer business with NEVS," said Stahl. "They obviously bought some of the assets of Saab Automobile and in their press shop, they are producing sheet metal from us."

The Orio CEO noted headcount at the company would remain the same after a 10% increase in staff during the past 12-18 months.

"Our aim is to offer more to more customers," said Stahl. "We have 66 years of experience, which has ensured a very strong, not to say, unique position.

"Considering there are over one million Saab cars currently driven on the world's roads, we have a very strong starting point."