US: Auto writers asked to hold fire on new Ford Mustang

By Chris Wright | 17 October 2013

Retro look of current Mustang generation has not gone down as well with buyers as Ford hoped

'Retro' look of current Mustang generation has not gone down as well with buyers as Ford hoped

Can journalists be relied upon to keep a good story under wraps? That’s what Ford is asking them to do: keep from revealing details of the much-anticipated, next-generation Mustang for almost two months.

The Mustang - which will be factory-built with right hand drive for the first time* - is getting its first complete overhaul since 2005, including a more modern design, a more nimble chassis and more efficient engines and transmissions, and journalists from the US and Europe will get a private preview next week.

The carmaker has invited small numbers of automotive writers, including European media, to its Dearborn headquarters for the preview on the proviso they not reveal details of the car until Ford gives the nod.

It will be interesting to see if it works. Embargoes on new car models are routinely broken, particularly on the internet, so don’t be surprised to see photos of the 2015 Mustang leaked ahead of its formal debut in December. The iconic car is goes on sale next summer.

The original Mustang was launched in New York in 1964 and made the cover of both Time and Newsweek magazines. Its last redesign in 2005 introduced a 'retro' look which has not proved popular with buyers. Sales last year totalled 82,995 so Ford has investing in a ground-up redesign and the 2015 model will be the first Mustang aimed at global markets, notably Europe [LHD], as well as RHD Japan and Australia.

According to company sources a new, lighter weight, rear wheel drive platform has been developed while the suspension, steering and brakes have been revamped, engines and transmissions upgraded, and a new EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder engine will be offered as an option.

[*RHD previous generations sold in Australia from 2001 were converted locally - ed