JAPAN: Nissan Leaf sales in Japan exceed 30,000 units

By Dave Leggett | 8 October 2013

Sales of the Nissan Leaf in Japan have passed the 30,000 unit milestone. The cumulative total in Nissan's home market was reached at the end of September, the same month that global sales of the Nissan Leaf topped 4,700 units-the Leaf's best-ever global monthly sales result to date. By the end of September, cumulative global sales of the Nissan Leaf since launch totalled 83,000 units.

The Nissan Leaf is the world's first mass-produced, 100% electric vehicle. It is also the best-selling EV. Sales of the Leaf began in Japan and North America in December 2010. Now marketed in Europe and other countries, Leaf sales have steadily increased every year. In fiscal year 2012, Nissan sold 11,600 units in Japan, and even stronger year-on-year sales are expected for the end of this fiscal year, Nissan says.

Nissan says it has accelerated efforts to improve EV battery charging infrastructure throughout Japan. By the end of September, a total of approximately 1,900 quick chargers had been installed nationwide by various companies and organisations. Among them, about 800 fast chargers have been established in Nissan dealerships, with an additional 700 planned to be added in the second half of this fiscal year. The Japanese government has subsidised this national effort with JPY100.5bn (US$1.03m) to further expedite charging infrastructure improvements in Japan.

In addition to these developments, Nissan is holding an extended test drive campaign in Japan where consumers can stop by any Nissan dealer for a free Leaf test drive.