INDIA: Mahindra hopes to boost South Africa car sales 50%

By Graeme Roberts | 8 July 2013

Mahindra expects to boost passenger car sales in South Africa by 50% this year. The market grew 9% in 2012 while Mahindra's sales jumped 66%.

Mahindra chief brand officer SP Shukla told Press Trust of India (PTI): "This year, we are looking to increase our sales by a further 50% [versus] 2012 in a climate where the prediction is that the total South African vehicle market will grow by only 7%... With 56 countries - some of which have the highest economic growth rates in the world - the [African] continent presents immense opportunity for business."

Shukla said Mahindra's establishment of a dedicated 'Africa desk' in the past few years had helped develop business on the continent.

"We are the only company in the world that can supply the full range of mobility requirements from scooters and motorcycles to light commercial vehicles, SUVs, trucks, buses, farming equipment, construction equipment, aircraft and, now, boats and yachts," he added.