Quote unquote from Automotive Supply Chain's Silverstone Congress 2013

By Simon Warburton | 17 May 2013

Automotive Supply Chain Magazine recently held its 2013 Congress at the home of British Formula 1 racing at Silverstone. Here's a round-up of some speakers' quotes.

"Weakness in demand in Europe has really created an awful profile for European producers," LMC head of European production, Justin Cox.

"We are an attractive company to work for, but there is a lot of competition. We are sure suppliers must be even more distressed going through that process." JLR inbound logistics manager, Alan Jeory.

"Delivery to Novosibirsk in winter can take up to two weeks" - STS Logistics Group CEO, Marc Brenneiser.

"It is seen by young people as a job almost being employed as a tramp sleeping in a [truck] cab," ECM Vehicle Delivery Service managing director, Ray MacDowall.

"There are funding schemes available, but the difficulty is going through traditional routes such as the bank [ing] sector. Quite frankly, that has been inept, they are risk-averse. We are being asked to invest in tooling, but we don't own the tools. You try to explain that to a banker." Ebm-papst (UK) managing director, Gareth Jones.

"Corruption you can not just erase from the face of the earth. But [it] has become much less of a problem. "You can [be] business compliant and still be very successful in the market." Consulting4Drive head of Russia, CIS & Eastern Europe, Maria Vola.

"The projection is in the next three years more than 96,000 engineers will retire in the UK and we are not doing enough to replace them - we already have a shortage." Ebm-papst (UK) managing director, Gareth Jones.

"We are in quite special times right now - unemployment to reach 27% in Spain [for example] and the tally of vehicles sales the worst since 1978." LMC head of European production, Justin Cox.

"The Automotive Council and the government have identified there are GBP3bn [of] components currently sourced out of the UK that they want to source in the UK."  Ebm-papst (UK) managing director, Gareth Jones.

"The average price tag is US$17,000 per vehicle and that is not that cheap." Consulting4Drive head of Russia, CIS & Eastern Europe, Maria Vola on Russian car prices.