THE WEEK THAT WAS: Results, results, more results

By Graeme Roberts | 3 August 2012

Another mixed and varied week in autobizland with little sign of a summer slowdown.

Quarterly results - second quarter, first half, first fiscal quarter and what-have-you - continued to roll in apace, with highlights being some of the the biggies, among them The General, dragged down not a little by The German Patient (with additional comment courtesy our own R Golding), along with some rather healthy recoveries a year on from the 'quake in Japan, in turn leading on to some improvement in outlook.

Having taken the pill of post-credit crisis restructuring, things are looking somewhat rosier at suppliers, too. For the full list of quarterly results we've covered so far, click here.

Hopefully you've noticed we're doing a bit more on future OEM new model programmes now, and keeping well up with expected launches for each major motor show.

July sales tallies from major markets started to roll in this week, it's worth mentioning that our man in the US, Bill Cawthon, is now trawling his vast data archive for us each month to go along with his sales review. We hope you like the new table.

An interesting interview this week: Dave Leggett talked to Ford's EV supremo.

And Simon Warburton's been keeping an eye on the industrial strife at Maruti Suzuki in India and is not ignoring progress at the revival of Saab, either.

Just another week in the office, then...

Have a nice weekend.

Graeme Roberts, Deputy Editor, just-auto.com