THAILAND: Car sales dip in 2011

By Staff reporter | 19 January 2012

New vehicle sales in Thailand fell 41.4% year on year to 54,575 units in December, as disruption to the local industry continued in the wake of the worst floods in the country for over 50 years. 

However, full-year sales fell just 0.8% to 794,081 units, with fourth-quarter sales declining sharply after strong growth in the first nine months of the year.

Vehicle production in December fell 27.6% to 99,426 units although this represents a strong recovery from extremely depressed November levels. Full-year output fell 11.4% to 1,457,795 units compared with last year’s 1,645,304 units.

Vehicle exports were down by 50.7% to 35,046 units in December, bringing the full-year total to 735,627 units – 17.9% lower compared with 896,065 units in 2010.