THE WEEK THAT WAS: Delhi, Detroit and all that...

By Graeme Roberts | 6 January 2012

We battled the crowds to bring you the Delhi stories

We battled the crowds to bring you the Delhi stories

This short week - we here in England were still skiving off on our Christmas break last Monday while most of the rest of the globe showed up for work -  could be referred to the 'DD' period. Stop sniggering, you down the back, I'm referring to Delhi and Detroit. As in motor shows.

There was a lot of news from Auto Expo 2012, on in New Delhi as I write, but, as Chris Wright blogged this week, it sure took some getting. Even our resident local, Satnam Singh, who lives in the same city, reported exhaustion after another day pounding the floor, not helped by wet weather - also cold by Indian measure - and a traffic jam nightmare journey home.

All of which means that you, in the comfort of your heated/air conditioned home or office, can enjoy all of our coverage bundled here. Recommended highlights include Ford's new, going-global EcoSport and Bajaj's new low-cost 'car' which may yet appear as a Renault or Nissan model for emerging markets.

Now we turn our attention to Detroit, advance reports are gathered together here. I draw your attention to something new: Glenn Brooks' often updated list of expected global launches, and one similar he has done for Delhi. Both have proved very popular with just-auto readers this week.

Yours truly is finally getting to see a little of Detroit and a lot of its annual auto show this coming week while Simon Warburton is making a return trip after his global debut in 2011. I'm looking forward to catching up with a lot of American designed and/or made new product.

We more or less resemble our photos on-site so, if you spot one or other wandering the Cobo Center halls in search of coffee and doughnuts, do say 'hello'.

I have been warned of the, er, bracing Michigan climate but, thanks to some highly unusual conditions linked to the jet stream not being where it should be, The Weather Channel app today is forecasting 3-4C and a bit of sun for the press days. Way better than snow-blanketed new year 2011. It's the snow prospect on Wednesday/Thursday I'm a little concerned about - Mr W barely escaped a blizzard last year on his way out back to Blighty. Oh 4 the show 2 b in California - Pasadena's Rose Parade and Rose Bowl football game took place in 26C (eventually) and sun and I have heard high 20s for the LA show in November is not an unreasonable expectation.

Have a nice weekend.

Graeme Roberts - Deputy Editor - just-auto.com