US: Magneti Marelli system will connect cars to the Cloud

By Glenn Brooks | 23 December 2011

Magneti Marelli has demonstrated a Linux-based prototype of what it claims is the first open-source infotainment system. The platform was unveiled at the fifth Member Meeting of the GENIVI Alliance in San Jose, California. Other partners of the group, the medium-term aim of which is to connect cars to the Cloud, include BMW, PSA Peugeot Citroen and Intel.

According to Mareti Marelli, the compliance specification set out to OEMs and their suppliers in the GENIVI has a common technology basis framework. This is in the interests of simplifying R&D and bringing the technology to market more quickly. Historically, in-vehicle infotainment and telematics systems have suffered from having been developed on multiple and often incompatible platforms.

The new platform includes a basic structure for connectivity to consumer electronics devices, displaying internet contents, wireless connections (WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth), playing of audio/video and high-quality multimedia contents, radio and digital hi-fi audio management, and the installation and updating of new apps.

Magneti Marelli has not named its launch customer(s) but maintains that the first system will be manufactured in 2013.

Author: Glenn Brooks