THAILAND: Thai market down 67.5% in November

By Staff reporter | 21 December 2011

New vehicle sales in Thailand fell by 67.5% to 25,664 units in November, compared with 78,874 units a year earlier, according to data released by Toyota Motor Thailand Co Ltd.

The market has been severely affected by the worst floods to hit Thailand in over 50 years, with large parts of the country’s northern and centrals regions under water for most of October and November.

Vehicle production in the country was halted for over a month and normal economic activity has been severely disrupted in affected areas.

Sales of passenger cars fell by 62.1% in November to 12,746 units, while commercial vehicle sales plunged by 71.5% to 12,918 units.

Sales in the first eleven months of the year were down by 4.6% at 739,506 units, from 707,245 units a year earlier.