GERMANY: VDA sees slight 2012 slowdown

By Graeme Roberts | 5 December 2011

German automotive industry association VDA has confirmed its 2011 outlook for new car registrations in Germany but said it expects a slight slowdown in 2012 if uncertainties in the financial markets persist.

The country's new car registrations in November rose 3% year on year to 269,300 while exports of German car brands increased 7% to 426,800, VDA told Dow Jones. Domestic car production increased 7% to 555,700.

"2011 is a strong year for the auto market. We expect new record highs in exports, production and sales," VDA president Matthias Wissmann said in a statement.

For 2011, the association continues to expect new car registrations in Germany to rise about 8% to over 3.1m and exports to rise 7% to over 4.5m cars. It also expects more than 5.9m cars to be produced in the country.