THE WEEK THAT WAS: CFO security draws eyes

By Graeme Roberts | 4 February 2011

Lots of readers this week for our very own Rob Golding's view of the future tenure of a certain well known automaker's CFO. If you missed it, here 'tis.

Attention also for the news, reinforced today, that Honda's Fit [aka Jazz] had finally tipped Humpty Toyota Prius off the wall after a 19-month reign At the Top. So let's see how long the little Honda lasts with a new Vitz [Yaris], with class-leading fuel efficiency, now out.

And Toyota all but confirmed today a hybrid is on its way for Europe and there's a Prius seven-seater due, giving Toyota two entries in a class already populated by the GM Zafira, Ford Grand C-Max and various other Grands such as Picasso and Scenic.

US sales turned out at over 12m SAAR, way better than one might have expected given January weather; let's see what this week's Big Storm does to February numbers.

Troubles in Egypt didn't just scare holidaymakers - several automakers pulled people out, including BMW which has a local assembly operation there.

And, speaking of BMW, guess who's returning I4 engines to the US for the first time since 1999?

Have a nice weekend.

Graeme Roberts
Deputy/News Editor