just-auto's research round-up

By just-auto.com editorial team | 23 November 2010

Here's a brief run-down of reports available in our research store that caught our eye over the past week or so...

1. Low-Cost Cars – a global review of markets, programmes and makers

Since just-auto last looked at the state of low-cost car programmes in 2008, manufacturers have been forced into a fundamental rethink of their businesses. Removing cost from the car production process is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. This latest edition of our popular global review takes a recent look at market dynamics in each key low-cost car region and strategically reviews the latest programmes by brand/manufacturer.

2. Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) Factbook & Lang Annual

The just-released AAIA Factbook & Lang Annual provides the best single-source analysis of the US vehicle aftermarket from top to bottom. This 'two-reports-in-one' publication covers 316 pages and is the definitive analysis of the world's largest aftermarket, particularly car and light truck product and service volume in the US.

3. Driver Assistance Systems

This report analyses the Global market for Driver Assistance Systems (DAS) in USD Million by the following Product Segments: Electronic Stability Control/Anti-Lock Braking System (ESC/ABS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), Others (includes Blind Spot Detection (BSD)), Intelligent Parking Assistance (IPA), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), & Night Vision System (NVS). Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2006 through 2015.

4. Electric Vehicles (EV) Type Approval, Safety Testing & Standards

There are few aspects of a passenger car which are not subject to Type Approval or Safety Testing. But, despite this, it is clear that some aspects necessary for complete coverage of the current automotive market are missing. Where are the standards for EVs? This briefing is designed to give executives a snapshot of the current situation in type approvals as they apply to EVs. The process is illustrated by way of a case study from TH!NK, the Norwegian OEM which has been working with electric passenger cars since 1973.

5. Global market review of electric vehicles – forecasts to 2017

The category of battery electric vehicles, along with extended-range electric vehicles, attracts a disproportionate amount of media attention compared to the mild and full hybrids that have been on the market for several years now. cruising abilities. This report provides a global review of the electric vehicles market. Data includes trends of electric vehicle production from 2000 through to 2020, offering estimated unit volumes by make and model.

6. European Fleet Database 2010 - Eastern European Markets

The fleet market database provides an insight into the market dynamics of Eastern European fleet markets Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. Provides detailed data on the company car market and fleet financing, including fleet by vehicle manufacturer and financing by customer fleet size segment.

7. Top 10 Companies in the French Transportation and Logistics Industry: IT Spending Predictor 2010

This databook provides estimates of IT spending for the top 10 companies in the French Transportation and logistics industry. The databook is a comprehensive source of IT spending by company, including assessment by technology and channel. The databook also provides information on the IT contracts of these companies where available.

8. Short and medium term development of the market for electric vehicles in Germany and the EU

This study surveys which e-mobility strategy has the best prospects for early market success in Germany and the EU. Nine different market scenarios were developed for the study. The results offer for each scenario a dynamic model which determines the demanded products and services depending upon the technological and market framework.