THE NETHERLANDS: Company to market electric drive tuk tuk

By just-auto.com editorial team | 19 October 2010

An electric Tuk Tuk for Europe promises emissions-free fun in the city. Whats not to like?

An electric Tuk Tuk for Europe promises emissions-free fun in the city. What's not to like?

A Dutch company is developing what it claims is the first fully-electric version of the tuk tuk, the three wheeled taxi popular throughout Asia.

The company, Tuk Tuk Factory has said that the market introduction will take place on the 19 October at the eCarTec show. The company's aim is to find potential European partners for sales and distribution.
Tuk Tuk Factory said it is the first to develop and to obtain a European Type approval for three model of the electric Tuk Tuk - a 3-seater, a 6-seater and a cargo version - to all EU countries.

The price range is expected to be between EUR11,000-EUR14,000.

To meet the requirements of the European market and legislation, the vehicle has been redesigned from scratch. Chief Engineer Dennis Harte said: "We took the biggest battery we could possibly imagine as a starting point, and then designed the vehicle around that battery. A 15kWh lead acid battery drives the silent and maintenance free AC motor. The chassis has been designed to carry the 400 kilos of the humongous battery. '
Roland Vos, director of Tuk Tuk Factory, said he expects to sell the vehicle mainly as a city shuttle, event vehicle , or city cargo vehicle. Service will be delivered in co-operation with Carrus, one of the biggest EV parts suppliers in Europe.