Over 1m new cars have been sold in Australia this year, with national sales for November 2014 reaching 92,232, but year to date (YTD) volume was down.

Though YTD sales were down 2.2%, the FCAI expects full-year (2014) sales to top 1.1m. 

Chief executive Tony Weber said that with only a month to go in 2014, the race was on to see which popular small car would be Australia’s number one seller.

"Only 679 sales separate the Toyota Corolla and the Mazda 3. While the Corolla is ahead in sales for 2014, the 3 was the top selling vehicle in November," Weber said. 

The softening of the economy appeared to be having an effect on sales in all states and territories, with all regions showing declines year on year. 

"Overall, sales across the nation are down 4.8% for the month. In particular, sales fell significantly in the mining states of Queensland and Western Australia, with sales down 8.5 and 9.6%, respectively," Weber said.

Weber said SUV sales continue to be strong, with 7.3% more SUVs sold in November 2014 than in November 2013.

Passenger car sales fell 12.2% and light commercial vehicle sales fell 4.9%. 

The 3 was the top selling vehicle last month  with 3,499 vehicles sold. It was followed by the Corolla (3,264), Toyota Hilux (2,920), Hyundai i30 (2,886) and Holden Commodore (2,200).