Weather disrupted early shipments of Fords new US-bound Fiesta from Mexico

Weather disrupted early shipments of Ford's new US-bound Fiesta from Mexico

Ford customers in the US who have to wait more than a month for their new Mexican-built Fiestas are being sent US$50 gift cards by the company by way of apology.

The company started taking reservations for the new model in December after it was unveiled at the Los Angeles motor show. In February, reservations were converted to orders from those who paid a deposit.

The automaker had just started shipping the first Fiestas from its Cuautitlan plant in late June when a hurricane struck, damaging rail lines. Although the lines have been repaired, shipping times from the plant, near Mexico City, have also just returned to their normal period of about a month, a Ford spokeswoman told the Detroit News.

The company said it started sending $50 vouchers to affected customers a few weeks ago.

It has sold almost 4,400 Fiestas to date, including 3,300 in July, with a further 6,500 to 7,000 in transit.

The new entry level Ford competes with the likes of Toyota's Yaris [Vitz] and Honda's Fit [Jazz] in North America.