Volkswagen again led environmental awards made by the Verkehrsclub Deutschland (German Transport Club or VCD) with the Lupo FSI leading the club’s pro-environmental car list.

The Lupo FSI, with 7.97 points, took first place in the top 10 list closely followed by the Audi A2 1.2 TDI 3L and the Lupo 3L TDI, both with 7.87 points.

The VCD assesses pollutant and noise emissions and fuel consumption for its award. In all three categories Volkswagen’s model was well ahead of its competitors. The average fuel consumption of the two TDI-engined cars was only 2.99 litres per 100 kilometres, which makes the Audi A2 3L and the Lupo 3L the world’s most economical production cars.

Both already comply with the D4 exhaust emission limits, which will not become valid until 2005, when the Euro 4 legislation takes effect throughout Europe.

Because of this they qualify in Germany for a tax exemption of 613 euros.

As well as its top 10, the VCD issues three further lists:

- the Compact Class list for cars over 4 metres long and/or 1.55 metres high, with a luggage capacity of more than 300 litres. In this category the Audi A2 1,2 TDI 3L came in first, well ahead of the field.

- another VCD list is for the best family cars, passenger cars with five seats, four doors and a luggage capacity of more than 400 litres. The Bora 1.6 FSI (with the direct injection petrol engine launched last year) was the winner, with 6.61 points, followed by another VW Group product, the Skoda Fabia 1.4 Combi.

“With these results the Volkswagen Group has once again demonstrated its competence in the development of environmentally acceptable technologies and how systematically it applies these advances to its new models – an aspect that was particularly praised by the VCD,” the company said in a statement.