INRIX, a global provider of transportation information, analytics and driver services for connected cars and 'smart cities' worldwide, said it was expanding its partnership with Volkswagen to launch its Park and Fuel services in new Passat models equipped with Discover Pro and Car-Net navigation in Europe.

This follows Volkswagen expanding the use of the supplier's real-time traffic information in Europe earlier this year. The parking and fuel services will be available in other new VW models in Europe next year.

As a real-time connected service, INRIX Park goes beyond static parking points of interest (POIs) to provide the current cost to park, real-time information on the number of available spaces and detailed location information for a continuously expanding and updated database of 55,000 off street parking locations in 41 countries in Europe.

Fuel provides location, real-time pricing and payment option information for more than 170,000 fuel stations (94% of total market) in 22 European countries. The suppliers continuously monitors and updates these services as new parking and refueling locations come online.

Volkswagen will launch the Park and Fuel services from December 2014 in new Passat models that include the top Discover Pro navigation system, with eight inch touchscreen colour display and 3D map navigation with voice control, and Car-Net, its mobile online services platform. They'll go into in other models using Discover Pro from next year. 

INRIX real-time traffic information and driver services are also used for Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, and Toyota models and include finding EV charging locations.