Despite the severe crisis in which the company is embroiled, VW Group has announced it is to pay its German employees a sizeable annual bonus reflecting 'good team performance'.

Volkswagen said its employees covered by the collective bargaining agreement are to receive a profit share of EUR3,950 (US$4472) gross for fiscal year 2015. This figure was agreed during negotiations between the works council chairpersons from the Brunswick, Emden, Hanover, Kassel, Salzgitter and Wolfsburg plants, and the Volkswagen board of management. The profit share is based on an adjustment of the collective bargaining agreement with IG Metall. The profit share will in future be calculated based on a two-year period.

Volkswagen board member for Human Resources, Dr. Karlheinz Blessing, said: "Volkswagen employees produced a very good team performance last year despite the difficult situation. Their strong commitment deserves to be acknowledged and is now being recognised in the form of this profit share, which is also a clear signal that the board of management and the works council will tackle the difficult challenges together."

The general works council chairman, Bernd Osterloh, commented: "Employees at our plants worked under high pressure last year. The situation was characterised by special shifts and overtime. Our employees demonstrated their firm commitment to the company, even in difficult times. That is why the board of management and the works council are convinced that they deserve this profit share. As expected, Matthias Müller proved to be a fair negotiating partner."