Car hire company Avis has ordered more than 540 Golf BlueMotion models for its fleet in the UK.

These vehicles will form part of the Avis Eco Collection, offering environmentally conscious drivers low emission vehicles.

The Eco Collection is a new scheme, set up by Avis, offering drivers a diesel vehicle with CO2 emissions lower than 120 g/km. 

Fitted with the 1.6-litre common rail TDI engine producing 105 PS, the Golf SE BlueMotion Technology emits 107 g/km and achieves 68.9 mpg on the combined cycle; with emissions of 99 g/km and a combined fuel economy figure of 74.3 mpg, the Golf BlueMotion is capable of almost 900 miles on one tank.

Avis says that the new models will be added to Avis’s low carbon fleet over the next 12 months as the company continues to reduce its carbon footprint. 

Nick Mountfield, Head of Marketing Avis UK said: “As a nation we are becoming increasingly conscious of the environment, car emissions and fuel economy, and we are finding that customers are keen to do their bit for the environment wherever possible.  The Golf BlueMotion models were chosen as part of an ongoing drive to improve the offering of vehicles with low CO2 emissions and high fuel economy for the Avis Eco Collection.”

“Due to the initial demand of Eco Collection and customer demand for the current Golf model, we are building on the success by upgrading to the Golf BlueMotion models.  These Golf models are a desirable package for both Avis and our customers as, despite being extremely efficient and economical, they are conventional to drive and offer superb value and reliability,” he added.

VW introduced its 'BlueMotion' line in 2007. The Polo, Golf and Passat BlueMotion models emit  91, 99 and 114 g/km of CO2 respectively.