The Volkswagen group has boosted year to date sales 1.3% year on year to 5.98m vehicles after July sales up 4.3% to 820,900 units.

A boost came from the South America and Asia-Pacific regions, according to group sales chief Fred Kappler.

Europe sales were up 3.2% to 2.6m YTD with July volume up 1.6% to 328,900. Western Europe saw a miniscule July rise of 0.5% to 271,600 with Germany down 5.9% to 97,500. In central and eastern Europe, deliveries rose 7% in July to 57,300 units.

North America rose 1.5% to 82,700 in July. US declined 2.4% but there was an increase in Canada. South America sales rose 18.3%.

Asia Pacific sales rose 6.9% to 332,800 in July, of which 309,100 (+8.1%) were in China.

The weak first quarter continued to impact cumulative deliveries for the period January to July in which 2.14m vehicles (-0.6%) were delivered to Chinese customers.