Volkswagen's lawyers have drawn up a code of conduct to stop Volkswagen employees having to relay to Porsche any information that may be competitively sensitive.

According to a report from the German magazine Capital, Volkswagen is attempting to put barriers up between itself and Porsche. In particular Porsche is seeking control over Audi AG, including defining its model programme, so that Porsche and Audi do not compete head-on.

The magazine said that any contract with Porsche must be treated as a contract with a third party, reported Reuters. If internal details that might disadvantage Volkswagen businesses are conveyed, then Porsche should compensate Volkswagen for this.

According to Reuters, worker representatives at Volkswagen have complained that Porsche has garnered internal information from Volkswagen divisions without informing the management board. They are particularly angered that this is being done when Porsche has not revealed a strategy for Volkswagen.

The code of conduct will remain in place until a control and profit transfer agreement between Porsche and Volkswagen is in place, even if Porsche does acquire a majority in Volkswagen.

Porsche announced on Monday that it had effectively taken control of Volkswagen by increasing its voting stake to 35.14%.