Gazeta Mercantil reports that a row between VW and Ford over the efficiency of compressors in respective car models could end up in the National Advertising Self-Regulation Council (CONAR).

The president of the empresa Brasileira de comopressores (Embraco), Ernesto Heinzelmann, told the newspaper that the campaign launched by Volkswagen is 'offensive' to the product he manufactures.

To emphasise the worth of the Gol Turbo model in an ad, VW compares the technology of the engine of a competing automobile, which uses a compressor, to a refrigerator, which also uses a compressor.

Ford, which has a turbo engine on its recently launched Fiesta model, insists that it is the VW that is old. In a three-page ad, Ford cites cars like Mercedes, Jaguar and Aston Martin, equipped with turbocharged engines.

Ford also observes that Volkswagen did not adopt the turbo technology on its most recent launch. The newspaper says that without mentioning the model by name it, the implication is that the competitor is the VW Polo.