Volvo Trucks has started public field testing (20 October) with methane diesel trucks to run on liquefied methane gas.

At the same time, Sweden's first filling station for liquefied methane gas will open at Stigs Center in Gothenburg.

Volvo said the "revolutionary step" means trucks running on liquid gas combined with methane diesel technology, have up to four times further driving range compared to most traditional gas trucks.

"Increased use of gas is a bridge towards climate-neutral transports," said Volvo Trucks environmental director Lars Martensson "Biogas production is already taking off in many countries.

"We're currently in a transition period, moving from decades of dependence on oil to a society built on renewable fuels. When trucks can operate on 80% pure biogas and 20% pure biodiesel, carbon emissions will be 80% lower than with conventional diesel technology."

Three Volvo FM trucks with 13L engines are currently being field tested. The technology is based on Volvo's Euro 5 diesel engine, which has been converted for gas operation.

For the full press release, please click here

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