Volvo Trucks is launching a new truck model, the Volvo VHD, on the North American market. The new truck has been developed primarily for construction duties. The Volvo VHD was developed over a period of two years at a cost of about 900 million Swedish kronor.

Volvo Trucks is now unveiling its second new truck model this year - the Volvo VHD. March saw the introduction of the medium-duty distribution truck for city operations, the Volvo FL.

Along with Europe, North America is the most significant market region for Volvo Trucks. The new Volvo VHD, which has been developed from the company's global product platform, is designed for construction operations and will boost Volvo's position in this vital segment in North America. In addition to construction duties, the Volvo VHD is tailored for a number of other demanding transport operations, including refuse handling.
In standard form, the Volvo VHD is powered by Volvo's 12-litre diesel engine, producing power outputs of up to 465 hp. Like all Volvo's trucks, the VHD features seat belts as standard and is also equipped with an airbag.

The Volvo VHD is related to the Volvo VN, which has met with immense success since its launch in 1996, with almost 67,000 units delivered to date.

Last year, Volvo delivered 28,250 new trucks on the US market, with deliveries of a further 4,740 units in Canada.