Deliveries by the Volvo Group’s truck operations in November 2013 rose 16% year on year to 20,356 vehicles.

"Productivity in the European industrial system is currently hampered by parallel production of both old and new generations of trucks," the truckmaker said in a statement.

Last month, 12,332 Volvo trucks were delivered, up 31%.

In Europe 5,323 vehicles were delivered, up 39%. Five new models are being launched.

First quarter production rates in Europe will be adjusted to reflect lower demand, which is a consequence of customers having pre-bought trucks ahead of a more stringent emission regulation coming into force on 1 January, 2014, Volvo said.

Deliveries in North America increased 17% to 2,630 vehicles.

Deliveries in South America increased 57% to 2,689 trucks.

November deliveries of Mack trucks were on a similar level as last year and reached 1,718 trucks.

In November 4,569 trucks were delivered by Renault Trucks which was a decrease of 1%. In Eastern Europe, deliveries were down 13%.

Renault Trucks is currently introducing a completely new truck line with four different series; the T-series for long haulage, the C-series for construction, the K-series for heavy construction and the D-series for distribution.

The company said the ranges have had "a positive reception from both customers and dealers. However, production of the new trucks has just started and demonstration trucks are currently being delivered to customers, who will test their performance over a period of time before placing further orders. Consequently, overall order intake for Renault is currently low as no more orders are taken for Europe on the old generation and order intake is yet to pick-up on the new generation of trucks. Production rates for the first quarter will be adjusted significantly downwards to reflect lower demand."

UD Trucks delivered 1,737 trucks last month, down 1%.

Deliveries of Eicher trucks fell 40% to 1,864 trucks.