Volvo's Adventure Concept Car has become reality as a new generation SUV, the XC90, first pictures of which were released today.
The new SUV has turbocharged engines (a five-cylinder diesel and six cylinder petrol for the UK market), "innovative" interior and up to seven forward-facing seats.
 "We wanted the car to look masculine and confident, but not macho," said Volvo Vice President and Chief Designer, Peter Horbury.
Developed on Volvo's large car platform, the all-wheel drive XC90 combines off-road capability with what Volvo claims is "excellent" road-going performance and offers a choice of either a 272bhp T6, six-cylinder petrol engine or the new 163bhp D5 diesel.
The XC90 makes its international debut on 7 January 2002 at the Detroit Motor Show.