Volkswagen plans to have produced 11.6m electric vehicles in China by 2028, the German automaker said.

VW Group China said it would work closely with its two main joint ventures in China, FAW-Volkswagen and SAIC-Volkswagen, to achieve the goal.

The two joint ventures sold a combined 4.21m vehicles last year, but mostly with conventional internal combustion engines.

China, the world's largest vehicle market with over 28m units sold last year, will continue to lead the rest of the world in terms of electric vehicle sales and production following the introduction of minimum sales quotas for 'new energy vehicles' at the beginning of 2019. 

Last year NEV sales in China rose 62% to 1.26m units, mostly comprising electric vehicles. This was around 4.5% of total vehicle sales.

By 2025, the government expects at least 20% of total vehicle sales to be NEVs which some market analysts estimate will amount to around 7m units annually.

Globally, the VW group has set a cumulative production target of 20m electric vehicles by 2028 with operations in China central to this global growth.