Volkswagen's manufacturer-supported repair service introduced in 2002 for the luxury Phaeton saloon is now also being used for the redesigned Golf.

The Technical Service Centre (TSC) in Wolfsburg with around 40 members of staff forms the headquarters for the service. Service and repair shops across the world can contact experts at the TSC using the latest tools, for example, Hotline Channel, telediagnosis and the company's interactive television service (iTV).

If the repair shop is unable to fix a fault, it contacts the TSC in Wolfsburg using the Hotline Channel (an interactive e-mail service) and a product-support technician uses extensive knowledge databases and close links with the Volkswagen research and development departments to quickly find a solution. He then reports back to the repair shop via the hotline.

Telediagnosis is another important tool. The product-support technicians at the TSC in Wolfsburg can control the diagnosis unit at the workshop from their workstations and can query data and modify settings. One further advantage is that service technicians on site can follow the process and are thus trained as they work.

A new interactive television (iTV) studio has also been set up to expand the capabilities of the TSC. Each week training programmes are broadcast from the studio to workstations at the service shops. New repair and testing methods, technologies and tools are demonstrated live and interactively. If service shops have any questions, they can contact the television studio and receive an answer while the broadcast is still on air.

All diagnosis and service solutions are stored in databases. As a result, knowledge databases containing numerous error symptoms together with possible solutions are built up. Information on vehicle problems are sent to the responsible office as soon as possible. There they are analysed and the necessary changes for the manufacturing processes and customer services solutions are drawn up. These are then forwarded to the workshops via the TSC.

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