Media reports emanating from Germany suggest that Porsche and Volkswagen may be talking about possible cooperation in the area of hybrid engine technology. Porsche has previously been linked with Toyota's hybrid technology. 

Dow Jones, citing a source, said that a cooperation between the two companies in the area of hybrid engines is "pretty certain".

Volkswagen spokesman Joerg Walz told Dow Jones that it was "by all means possible" that the successor model of VW's sports utility vehicle Touareg may also be offered as a hybrid car.

Walz pointed to the existing cooperation between Volkswagen and Porsche in making the Touareg and Porsche's Cayenne, which use a large number of identical parts, and on Audi AG's SUV Q7, which will be presented to the market in September.

Porsche is in talks with several potential partners about possible cooperation to develop hybrid technology, a spokesman said.

Earlier Monday, German daily newspaper Handelsblatt reported that Porsche is seeking an alliance with Volkswagen for hybrid technology.