Volkswagen plans to manufacture 4m MQB models per year by the end of 2016.

The company aims to increase this figure to over 7m by 2018. At present, it manufactures about 2m MQB-based cars per year. By the end of 2020, Volkswagen plans to increase the production of these models by more than threefold.

From Audi TT to Mk7 Volkswagen Golf, all use the MQB platform, with plans to add the next-gen Polo, US-only Volkswagen CrossBlue SUV and the all-new Touran to the lineup, Auto Express reported.

The new Touran is expected to cost as much as the current model because of the MQB platform.

"Without MQB it's not possible for us to keep the price constant from the previous one, while putting more technology inside the car. We call it the MQB effect. This is what we said when we started with the new Golf. Wait some time and MQB will bring the costs down. The platform is everything - it's steering, it's braking, the powertrains - all these things are platform," Volkswagen R&D board member Heinz-Jacob Neusser said.

With the help of the MQB chassis the company will be able to reduce model waiting lists as well as meet varying market demand. The platform will also help to cut export and import costs, as all MQB-equipped plants will be able to manufacture every MQB model.