Visteon Corporation (NYSE: VC - news) today announced that it was honored for its design, development and manufacturing of the automotive industry's first environmentally friendly powertrain component molded from a repolymerized nylon 6 resin. The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) has given its "Most Innovative Use of Plastics'' award in the environmental category to Visteon, as the system supplier, for the corporation's pioneering use of the post-consumer-recycled (PCR) nylon 6, from which the application -- an engine mounted 5.4L throttle body adapter -- is molded.

Previously, recycled plastic could not be used for powertrain components because there are certain properties that typically are lost during the recycling process causing degradation in strength and durability. But now, plastic is taken from discarded carpet from commercial office buildings, broken down into its original form, then chemically recycled into a polymer that can be used again. The repolymerized nylon 6 offers performance and aesthetic properties comparable to virgin nylon 6 resin, and can be used anywhere virgin nylon 6 is used.

"This application demonstrates Visteon's drive to be an environmental leader in this industry,'' said Gary Mayo, Visteon's director of Environmental Affairs. "Beyond the basics of this recycling process, there are other environmental benefits to this innovation that support both Visteon's and its customer's corporate recycling strategy.''

Consumers also will be happy to know that this application can aid in vehicle weight reduction that can help make cars more fuel-efficient.

In using the repolymerized nylon 6 resin for its composite 5.4L throttle body adapter, Visteon replaces a sand-cast machined aluminum part. This powertrain component is used on select Ford vehicles.

The SPE award was given collectively to Visteon, Ford Motor Company and the material supplier, Honeywell.

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