Interfax reports that vehicle production in Russia fell 0.3% year-on-year to 1,609,970 units in the January-October period. 

Citing as source Avtoselkhozmash (ASM) Holding, the umbrella company for automobile and farm machinery producers in Russia and the CIS, the Interfax report said that car production fell from 839,086  to 837,369 units in the period.

Avtovaz, the country's biggest car producer, turned out 582,395 cars compared with 630,445, and GAZ 46,264, compared with 58,386.

Truck production, including chassis, grew from 143,511 to 162,240 units.

Russia produced 61,321 buses, up from 54,814, including 1,650 on truck chassis, compared with 1,461.

Interfax added that Russia is on course to produce 1.0069 million cars this year as a whole, compared with 980,736 in 2002, and 194,688 trucks, compared with 173,498 last year.