According to a report by the Ananova internet news service, the Mirror newspaper is claiming that car company Vauxhall was planning to pay for sales bosses to go away on a £2,000-a-head luxury sunshine trip, despite axing 2,000 workers last week.

The paper says that some 132 sales staff and their partners were due to jet off but the holiday was cancelled amid fears that the jaunt would be leaked.

A spokesman for Vauxhall confirmed that the trip for sales staff had been cancelled.

Vauxhall, owned by General Motors, said one reason for the job losses was poor sales of the Vectra model. But according to reports, days later bosses gave the go-ahead for the "incentive" holiday for the sales staff.

Car production will stop at Luton from the first quarter of 2002, but the plant will continue producing vans and off-road vehicles.