United Auto Workers president Ron Gettelfinger was reported on Monday to have said that the union is taking a fresh look at the financial situation at DaimlerChrysler's Chrysler Group and revisiting the possibility of extending health-care cost concessions to the car maker following the deep losses it suffered in the third quarter.

According to Dow Jones, Gettelfinger, speaking during a regular radio interview with Detroit radio station WJR, said, "Let's just say that we're taking a look at the books at Chrysler and we're going to look at it again based on the financial circumstances here."

The UAW in September told Chrysler it wouldn't give the company health-care cost concessions like the ones it gave to General Motors and Ford in 2005 because Chrysler's financial condition was deemed better than its domestic counterparts, the news agency noted.

Chrysler spokesman Mike Aberlich told Dow Jones the UAW's decision to re-evaluate the situation at Chrysler was "a positive step" and said Chrysler's management team "continues to have discussions with the UAW."