Automotive stud welding equipment specialist Nelson Automotive has won a contract with Daimler which will see its equipment used to build Mercedes Benz C-class and S-class models.

The contract, Nelson's first with Daimler and one of the largest in its history, will see 200 N4s inverter stud welding systems supplied to several factories.

The deal was won following a competitive tender with Daimler praising Nelson Automotive's innovative technology and flexible approach.

As well as machine supply, installation and commissioning, Nelson will provide maintenance and service support, as well as training Daimler workers to undertake maintenance, depending on individual facility requirements.

The N4s inverter system is claimed to be one of the fastest and most advanced stud welding systems available.

Suitable for use with all types of studs, it works to performance level d and is able to link to PC-based software to enable remote monitoring of the weld process, programming of welding schedules, and communication on all networks with robots. Only one type of power supply is needed for all types of welding.

Andreas Strehl, sales director at Nelson Automotive said: "This highly prestigious order confirms our status as the leading technological innovator in stud welding for the automotive market as well as our ability to provide top class local service support worldwide.

"It is our first venture with Daimler and we are delighted they have put their trust in our systems and people."