Hopefully, UAW members will ratify the deal and get GM US assembly lines humming again

Hopefully, UAW members will ratify the deal and get GM US assembly lines humming again

Striking UAW full-time workers at General Motors will get a US$11,000 ratification bonus if the contract scheduled to start on 6 January, 2020 is ratified, the union said.

Temporary workers will receive $4,500.

The new agreement gives full time temporary workers a shortened path to permanent status and, from 1 January, 2021, provides a path for part time temporary employees to convert to regular status.

The contract also provides for improved paid and unpaid time off for temporary workers.

There will be no change to the health care plan and no additional costs to members.

The $12,000 cap on profit sharing payouts has been eliminated. All profits the company earns in North America will generate payments to UAW members, based on the current $1,000 per $1bn formula, with no limits.

Members currently accruing service in the defined benefit pension plan will receive a one time company contribution of $1,000 to the Personal Savings Plan.

Within four years or less, by 4 September, 2023, all permanent manufacturing employees working as of the effective date will be at $32.32 an hour.

The contract provides for 3% general wage increases (GWIs) in the second and fourth years and 4% lump sums in the first and third years for eligible permanent manufacturing employees. Eligible GMCH and CCA employees also receive 3% GWIs.

Skilled trades will receive a $1,000 tooling allowance in 2019 and 2021.

Legal Services Plan benefits are maintained and extended to spouses of UAW active and retired members as well as Delphi retirees.

A $60,000 bonus will be available for up to 2,000 eligible production and 60 eligible skilled employees who retire between 31 December, 2019 and 28 February, 2020, as determined under the normal and early retirement provisions of the national agreement.

Though a big focus of the 2019 contract negotiations was GM's abrupt announcement last November that there would be no future product for Detroit Hamtramck, Baltimore Transmission, Lordstown, and Warren Transmission, the UAW said three of those four factories will, nonetheless, close.

Detroit Hamtramck will remain open with new product but CCA Fontana will also close.

The UAW said: "We remain strongly opposed to GM's decision to "unallocate" these plants and we will continue our efforts to fight for UAW jobs in America."

The union has negotiated a number of retirement, buy out, relocation and retraining deals for affected members at the shuttered plants.

Thedetroitbureau.com reported the scandal-ridden Center for Human Resources (CHR) also would be scheduled for closure and the under used CHR headquarters building on the Detroit River sold and the money put back into training programmes, which would continue.

Once the union's GM council endorses the contract, it will be forwarded to UAW members for ratification.

The 48,000 UAW members at GM went on strike on 16 September and the walkout is now the longest national strike at the company since 1970.

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