UAWs King is retiring

UAW's King is retiring

America's United Auto Workers' (UAW) Reuther Caucus has recommended current secretary-treasurer, Dennis Williams, as its next president to replace incumbent, Bob King, who is retiring after being on the board for 25 years.

UAW members will vote for the new president as well as several other international officers at the Constitutional Convention in Detroit next June.

In addition to overseeing the union's finances, Williams has responsibility for the agricultural implement department, leading negotiations with major agricultural and construction equipment producers, Deere, Caterpillar and others. 

Williams also has responsibility for the union's transnationals department, including organising the foreign-owned automakers in the US.

UAW region 8 director, Gary Casteel, was also among the endorsed candidates and will be running for secretary-treasurer of the union.

Casteel has led the labour body's efforts to organise in the South, including the union's current effort at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

UAW region 1C director, Norwood Jewell, will be running for the vice president office that will be vacant due to the retirements of Joe Ashton and General Holiefield. Jewell was elected director of the region, based in Flint and covering an 11-county area of south central Michigan, at the union's Constitutional Convention in June, 2010.

The slate also includes incumbent vice presidents Cindy Estrada and Jimmy Settles.  Estrada directs the union's competitive shop/independents, parts and suppliers and public sector departments and has served one term as a UAW vice president.  

Settles has responsibility for the union's Ford, aerospace and insurance departments and has served three terms on the union's international executive board.

"I am confident with this leadership team, the UAW will continue to be a union that fights for equality and justice for its members and for a more equitable society," said King.

"Dennis Williams is a smart leader who has a proven track record in bargaining, organising and political action, all so important to maintaining a decent standard of living for UAW members and working people in America."

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