Safety systems specialist TRW Automotive Holdings has opened a new, custom-designed 5,000 square metre Japan Engineering Centre (JEC) in Yokohama, housing research and development, application engineering and full product testing capabilities.

The JEC broadens and consolidates TRW's technical presence in Japan and is designed to support all local customers. At full capacity the centre will house 130 engineers, technicians, sales and support staff.

The centre significantly expands the company's occupant safety systems presence in Japan and houses the new dynamic crash simulator with full sled testing capability. The facility will also provide a common location for all four engineering groups including steering & suspension, braking, occupant safety, and integrated safety systems and include advanced test equipment for all product lines.

The new three-story centre features full laboratory and testing facilities for all major product lines, and also serves as the headquarters for the Japan sales team and the executive management team.

"Our new engineering centre also serves as the overall TRW headquarters, offering our customers one major contact location for our sales and engineering teams," said TRW Automotive Japan president Shinzo Yotsumoto.